7.2. API reference

The API request and response bodies are defined by the Protocol Buffer schemas. The following section describes them in more detail.

7.2.1. Command list

This is a list of all the API commands; which program that implements them, their command identifier, and request/response body format.

Prog.   Request Response Description
smtpd a ConfigGreenDeployRequest   Live stage
smtpd b   ConfigGreenStatusResponse ” (status)
smtpd c     ” (cancel)
smtpd e   HSLBreakPointResponse Breakpoint
smtpd f     ” (continue)
smtpd g   HSLCacheResponse Script cache
smtpd h HSLCacheClearRequest HSLCacheClearResponse ” (clear)
smtpd y HSLMemoryRequest HSLMemoryResponse Script memory
smtpd K HSLMemoryListRequest HSLMemoryListResponse ” (list)
smtpd z HSLMemoryStoreRequest HSLMemoryStoreResponse ” (store)
smtpd A HSLMemoryDeleteRequest HSLMemoryDeleteResponse ” (delete)
rated i HSLRateRequest HSLRateResponse Script rate
rated j HSLRateClearRequest HSLRateClearResponse ” (clear)
smtpd r     Reload config
smtpd o     ” (suspend)
smtpd p     ” (policy)
smtpd H     ” (delivery)
rated r     ” (rated)
dlpd r     ” (dlpd)
smtpd s SuspendRequest SuspendResponse Queue suspend
smtpd t SuspendAddRequest SuspendAddResponse ” (add)
smtpd O SuspendUpdateRequest SuspendUpdateResponse ” (update)
smtpd u SuspendDeleteRequest SuspendDeleteResponse ” (delete)
smtpd v   PolicyConditionResponse Queue policy
smtpd w PolicyConditionAddRequest PolicyConditionAddResponse ” (add)
smtpd P PolicyConditionUpdateRequest PolicyConditionUpdateResponse ” (update)
smtpd x PolicyConditionDeleteRequest PolicyConditionDeleteResponse ” (delete)
smtpd B PolicyRateRefillRequest PolicyRateRefillResponse ” (rate refill)
smtpd D QueueGroupByRequest QueueGroupByResponse Queue distr.
smtpd F QueueListRequest QueueListResponse Queue list
smtpd G QueueUpdateRequest QueueUpdateResponse Queue update
smtpd E QueueImportRequest QueueImportResponse Queue import
smtpd J QueueUnloadRequest QueueUnloadResponse Queue unload
smtpd I QueueQuotaRequest QueueQuotaResponse Queue quota
smtpd q   ProcessStatsResponse Show stats
smtpd C     Clear DNS
smtpd L ServerConnectionsListRequest ServerConnectionsListResponse  
smtpd M ServerConnectionsCloseRequest ServerConnectionsCloseResponse  
smtpd N PluginCommandRequest PluginCommandResponse  

7.3. Version compatibility

The protobuf API is versioned, below you will find the version compatibility for different versions.

Version Min
5.6 5.6
5.5 5.3
5.4 5.3
5.3 5.3
5.2 5.2