4.2. API reference

The API request and response bodies are defined by the Protocol Buffer schemas. The following section describes them in more detail.

4.2.1. Command list

This is a list of all the API commands; which program that implements them, their command identifier, and request/response body format.

Prog.   Request Response Description
smtpd a ConfigGreenDeployRequest   Live stage
smtpd b   ConfigGreenStatusResponse ” (status)
smtpd c   ConfigGreenStatusResponse ” (cancel)
smtpd d   HSLBreakPointRequest Breakpoint
smtpd g   HSLCacheResponse Script cache
smtpd h HSLCacheClearRequest HSLCacheClearResponse ” (clear)
smtpd y HSLMemoryRequest HSLMemoryResponse Script memory
smtpd K HSLMemoryListRequest HSLMemoryListResponse ” (list)
smtpd z HSLMemoryStoreRequest HSLMemoryStoreResponse ” (store)
smtpd A HSLMemoryDeleteRequest HSLMemoryDeleteResponse ” (delete)
rated i HSLRateRequest HSLRateResponse Script rate
rated j HSLRateClearRequest HSLRateClearResponse ” (clear)
smtpd r     Reload config
smtpd o     ” (suspend)
smtpd p     ” (policy)
smtpd H     ” (delivery)
rated r     ” (rated)
dlpd r     ” (dlpd)
smtpd s SuspendRequest SuspendResponse Queue suspend
smtpd t SuspendAddRequest SuspendAddResponse ” (add)
smtpd u SuspendDeleteRequest SuspendDeleteRequest ” (delete)
smtpd v   PolicyConditionResponse Queue policy
smtpd w PolicyConditionAddRequest PolicyConditionAddResponse ” (add)
smtpd x PolicyConditionDeleteRequest PolicyConditionDeleteResponse ” (delete)
smtpd B PolicyRateRefillRequest PolicyRateRefillResponse ” (rate refill)
smtpd D QueueGroupByRequest QueueGroupByResponse Queue distr.
smtpd F QueueListRequest QueueListResponse Queue list
smtpd G QueueUpdateRequest QueueUpdateResponse Queue update
smtpd E QueueImportRequest   Queue import
smtpd J QueueUnloadRequest QueueUnloadResponse Queue unload
smtpd I QueueQuotaRequest QueueQuotaResponse Queue quota
smtpd q   ProcessStatsResponse Show stats
smtpd C     Clear DNS