Released 2024-06-20

  • Imp Support new tenantid policy field


This version bumps the minimum required version of the halon and halon-api packages to 6.3.


Released 2024-06-10

  • Imp Added damasking settings for users to hide sensitive information (users[].features.datamasking)

  • Imp Added read-only setting for users (users[].features.readonly)

  • Imp Added settings to control visibility of rate limiting and memory pages for users (users[].features.rates.enabled and users[].features.memory.enabled)

  • Imp Added links to distribution page for entries on suspend and policies pages (with filter applied)

  • Imp Added indicator for if you have changed a custom view but not saved it yet

  • Bug Fixed issue where you couldn’t select individual connection on queue connections page


Released 2024-04-29


The path for the binary has changed to /opt/halon/web/dist/bin/server.js.

  • Imp Added bounce ratio as well as more graphs for existing metrics to history reporting page

  • Imp Added support for filtering on suspended messages as well as using them as group by on on queue distribution page

  • Sec Upgraded bundled Node to 18.20.2

  • Bug Fix issue with bulk actions and accounting that prevented actions from executing

  • Bug Fixed issue with using states as custom counters on queue distribution page

  • Bug Fixed issue where table columns for checkboxes and icons were too wide on larger browser windows

  • Bug Fixed issue where file viewer did not use a monospace font


Released 2024-02-26

  • Imp Support remotemx and grouping pooling policies on delivery insights page

  • Imp Host selector on overview page

  • Bug Fix issue with browser history navigation after changing views


Released 2024-01-26


Released 2023-12-14

  • Imp Allow updating jobid for messages in queue

  • Imp Delete dynamic suspensions and dynamic policies based on a filter

  • Imp Add remotemx to filter modal for queue connections

  • Imp Resizable table columns

  • Imp Show license status

  • Imp Various style tweaks


Released 2023-10-26

  • Bug Fix lowest rate calculation on delivery insights page


Released 2023-10-24

  • Imp Support using database instead of local storage for views (database)

  • Imp Create custom counters on distribution page

  • Imp Included SBOM files (/opt/halon/web/share/sbom)

  • Bug Fix bug with previewing email body

  • Bug Fix sorting on distribution page


Released 2023-10-09

  • Imp Create custom distribution components for use on overview page

  • Imp Configurable settings file path using ENV variable (HALON_WEB_SETTINGS_FILE)

  • Imp Configurable instance name (instance)

  • Imp Configurable Accounting logs (accounting)

  • Imp Bundle Node 18.18.0 LTS

  • Imp Add top Job IDs view to distribution page

  • Bug Fix favicon in Safari

  • Bug Fix bug with summary when using multiple groupby fields on distribution page

  • Bug Fix refresh bug with delta functionality on distribution page


Released 2023-08-23

  • Imp Customizable dashboard

  • Imp Add support for grouping field on queue “Connections” page

  • Imp Improvements to metadata filters on queue “Messages” and “Distribution” pages


Released 2023-07-16

  • Bug Allow setting “Filter all” without conditions

  • Bug Fix duplicate XHR requests on “Messages” page


Released 2023-07-12

  • Imp Bundle Node 16.20.0 LTS

  • Imp “Filter all” option & various request changes

  • Imp Distribution summary

  • Imp Add name setting for hosts

  • Imp Always show delta on overview

  • Imp Add support for reverse proxies

  • Imp Add support for automatic login when behind a reverse proxy

  • Imp Various style changes


Released 2023-04-25

  • Imp Solution branding

  • Imp Dark mode


Released 2023-04-11

  • Bug Fix exception with version property in HelpModal component


Released 2023-04-11

  • Imp Added Remote MX to “Queue > Connections” page

  • Imp Make host timeout configurable

  • Imp Home views and improvements

  • Imp Added selection/filtered count messages on every relevant page

  • Imp Various style changes


Released 2023-01-4

  • Bug Fix bug with “On filter” actions on “Messages” page


Released 2022-11-14

  • Imp Improve searching of messages in multi-host clusters

  • Imp Bulk download of messages (as ZIP)

  • Imp Keep selection of items during table refresh on various pages

  • Bug Logout on 401 errors


Released 2022-10-18

  • Bug Don’t generate build_id links

  • Bug Spinner was always shown when the queue was empty


Released 2022-10-12

  • Imp Redesign UI to match new branding profile

  • Imp Added delivery insights UI

  • Imp Added auto refresh on more pages (and also calcuate rates/deltas)

  • Imp Added queue connections page

  • Imp …and many more improvements


Released 2022-05-07

  • Imp New TLS verify setting for hosts to allow for disabling certificate validation

  • Imp Support setting DSN status and diagnostic code when bouncing messages

  • Imp Support using regex when filtering based on strings

  • Imp Support for showing and updating priorities for messages


Released 2022-01-17

  • Imp Message preview

  • Bug Limit the max number of stored notifications

  • Bug Use latest docs in links


Released 2021-12-29

First release