1. Installation

1.1. Prerequisites

Make sure you have followed the instructions in our manual to add our package repository.

1.2. Distributions

1.2.1. Ubuntu

To install the .deb package use the following commands.

$ apt-get update
$ apt-get install sasid

1.2.2. RHEL

To install the .rpm package use the following commands.

$ yum install sasid

1.3. Environment

To set the necessary environment variables use the following commands.

$ systemctl edit sasid

Add the following lines in the editor replacing the username and password with the provided credentials.


1.4. Startup

When the initial configuration is in place, the program can be started with:

$ sudo systemctl start sasid

1.5. Docker & K8s

For instructions on how to build a container image of the program as well as deploying it on K8s (Kubernetes), see our halon-docker GitHub repository.