4. Endpoint reference

The only endpoint currently available on the extended HTTP API is /v1/submission.

4.1. Authentication

Authentication is done by using a X-API-Key HTTP header.

4.2. HTTP request format

Message injection is done by sending a POST request containing a JSON object. It is described by, and can be validated with, the submission-request.schema.json JSON schema. See the examples section for some examples.

4.3. HTTP response format

On success a JSON array containing the result for each recipient will be returned. The results will be sent out the same order as the recipients were sent in.

        "result": {
            "code": 250,
            "enhanced": [
            "reason": [
                "Ok: queued as c720e1c5-cb5f-4a01-9b91-fd28b649c176"
        "transaction": {
            "id": "c720e1c5-cb5f-4a01-9b91-fd28b649c176"
        "metadata": {
            "foo": "bar"
        "error": "Request timed out (connect)"