6.3. Networking

The integrated Halon package provides network configuration via its configuration. In the web administration, it’s managed from the Hosts section’s Network tab. You can configure

  • IP addresses
  • Routes, including the default gateway
  • DNS, including hostname and DNS(SEC) resolver
  • Ethernet adapter settings
  • VLAN (802.1Q) and link aggregation (LACP or failover)
  • HTTP proxy settings

6.3.1. Ethernet adapters

The Halon 5.X integrated package is based on FreeBSD 12. In addition to the default network drivers, the mlx5en (Mellanox ConnectX 4/5) is loaded as well. If the backend process detects that it’s running on VMware, the vmxnet (VMXNET 3) driver is loaded. Similarly, if it detects that it’s running on Amazon EC2, if_ena (Elastic Network Adapter) is loaded.

For your convenience, the network adapters are renamed to ether followed by a number, in order of their MAC (link layer address). In that way, you can change the network adapter type, without having to change the configuration. However, if you add an additional network adapter with a lower MAC than the existing adapter(s), those will change name.