update - Run system updates

halonctl update [subcommand]

The update module downloads and installs system updates.


Installing an update causes the node to reboot. You probably don’t want all of your nodes to reboot at once - instead, use slicing and stepping to update a few at a time. See Basic Usage.

update status - Check update status

halonctl update status

This will print update status for each node, eg. current version and installation progress.


There is currently no way for halonctl to see if an update is available - check the web UI.

update download - Starts downloading an update

halonctl update download

This will make the node(s) start downloading an update.


Telling an up-to-date node to download an update will cause it to redownload the latest version. This allows you to reinstall a malfunctioning node, and is a feature, not a bug.

update cancel - Aborts an update

halonctl update cancel

This will make the node(s) abort an ongoing update download, and delete any downloaded data.

update install - Installs an update

halonctl update install

Starts the installation process. This can not be aborted until the installation is finished, and the node(s) will drop offline for a few minutes while they reboot to apply it.